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Tasks Area extension is created specifically to meet your needs and unload your memory. We want you to focus on the most important things & forget about the pressure

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About Us

Productivity is what sets our customers apart from other people. We know that time is that kind of resource that can not be wasted. That’s why our experts created this ultimate solution for all your tasks that should be handled during the day. Our task manager is intuitive, convenient & tailored carefully according to the needs of our clients.

Deep understanding of routine management and psychology allowed us to present a high level product, which guarantees the best experience for all the end users. Run errands, get engaged in activities, do your job and explore new possibilities with Tasks Area.

Anya, Designer

It’s not only a perfect task manager, but also a great helper with the time frames. Love it!

Dan, Sales Rep

Finally found an ideal match for my requirements. This task manager extension is so convenient.

Karen, Administrator

Was so sick of forgetting things and not being able to organize the schedule normally with my previous task manager. But this one is awesome!